How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free after July 29 deadline with this simple trick

Microsoft has brought its year-long Windows 10 promotion to an end.

Until the deadline on July 29th 2016, customers running genuine copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 were able to upgrade to the next-generation desktop operating system free of charge.

Microsoft will now charge $119 – or £99 – for a full version of Windows 10 Home. Meanwhile, Windows 10 Pro will set you back $199 or £130.

Thanks to its free upgrade scheme, Windows 10 cinched the record for the fastest adoption rate of any Microsoft operating system.

And with 350 million devices now running the new desktop OS – it is more popular than Windows 8, although it still lags behind the trusted Windows 7.

If you did not manage to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 before the end of the promotion – there could still be a way to grab Windows 10 free of charge.

According to a prominent YouTube creator, changing your system’s clock back to July 28th will re-active the Upgrade Prompt and let users kickstart the update process.

Once you have reset your system time, the prompt will appear and give you the option to start the upgrade.

Users who previously downloaded Windows 10 but decided to roll-back to their previous operating system are also able to reinstall the latest Microsoft OS for free at any time.

Posting on social-news website Reddit, a number of Microsoft users have claimed entering a valid Windows 7 product key during the Windows 10 installation process still works, too.

It’s possible the US technology firm is silently offering customers a grace period to upgrade – despite having brought the promotion to a close.


The ability to ask voice assistant Cortana questions and queries is one of the biggest changesMICROSOFT

The ability to ask voice assistant Cortana questions and queries is one of the biggest changes

Microsoft is also kindly offering Windows 10 for free to anyone who requires assistive technologies.

The Redmond firm has incorporated a load of accessibility features offering text-to-speech, and magnified text.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will offer even more assistive technologies, including 13 new spoken languages added to the narrator, and spoken prompts during search, amongst others.

Users who require assistive technologies can still upgrade their PCs for freeMICROSOFT

Users who require assistive technologies can still upgrade their PCs for free

Those who upgrade to Windows 10 will be eligible to get the upcoming blockbuster update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update when it launches on August 2nd 2016.

Anniversary Updates contains a redesigned Start Menu (with twice as many adverts as the previous version), new handwriting recognition software, enhanced capabilities for Cortana and more.

The news comes as renown Microsoft author and pundit Paul Thurrott said the popularity and new capabilities built into iOS and Android could spell the end for Microsoft and Windows 10. Thurrott said Microsoft was currently facing “a potential extinction moment.”


Users have reported infuriatingly slow boot-up speeds, trouble with wifi connections, privacy concerns and issues with child safety features following the jump to Windows 10.

But the new OS has not been without issues.


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