Speed Up your Android Devices

When you buy a new android phone,Your phone is very fast but day by day your phone is going to slow down.

Today, I am revealed tricks for make your phone keep faster.Please Follow these step:

  1. Clear App Cache

i)  Go to the Setting

        ii) then go for Storage option


            iii) Tap Cached Data


                          Hit OK to the confirm deletion

2.  Disable Animations

When you navigate around the app drawer, Android shows you some cool-looking transition effects. However, as nice as these look, they also take more time than just redrawing the screen right away.

Disable animations:

i) First of all ,going to Setting

ii) then Tap on About phone Option


iii) Tap 7 times on Build number option


iii) Now navigate to the Developer options


iv) Select Window animation scale


v) Set animation to OFF


vi) Select Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale and set each to off


3. Disable screen lock animations

i) Go to Lock screen in the Settings menu

ii) Tap and select Unlock effect 


iii) Select to None


4. Unistall or disable unused app

i) Navigate to Setting and then select My application and finally select unused app


ii) Select OK.



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